Griddle - 20 Flat Panel
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Flat Panel Griddle for both 24" & 30" depths for all Argentine, Argentine Brasero, and Santa Maria systems.

GRD-20 Griddle - Griddle - 19" x 19.5"- For use with Santa Maria 30SSI, 36DSI, 48DSI, 48DSPL, ARG-36DSI, ARG-48DSI, ARG-36DSIBRB, ARG-48DSIBRB, ARG-72DSIBR7030 and to be used with ARG-48DSPLBRB --- ARG-60DSPLBRB, ARG-72DSPLBRB (CAN BE USED ON ONE SIDE)

All griddles made with 14 gauge steel, Item #GRD -20

And available in stainless steel, Item #SS GRD -20  

Please note: 

Due to interchangeability, Griddles are not going to fit onto bracket space perfectly
If used with Argentine Side Brasero grills, grates will need to be cut to be used together, proportions may vary 



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