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Pro Series Fireside Grills

Grilling enthusiasts and aficionados who use the Sunterra Pro Fireside Grill make a bold visual statement, but also need it to be welcoming for events and family gatherings. If you aren’t actually cooking for a living, but are the type of individual whose friends constantly suggest should open a restaurant, then this is the product for you.

We have created Fireside Grills to become the ultimate outdoor cooking experience with versatility that can't be matched, the Sunterra Pro Fireside Grill an become your all in one barbecue grill, a griddle, a fire pit, and one of the most creative social gathering spots for family and friends.

And even if you never roast so much as a hamburger on it, the ambience and beauty of The Sunterra Pro Fireside Grill will set you, and your yard, apart from all the others.

Fireside Key Points

  • All Sunterra Pro Fireside Grill have a wraparound shelf for wokespace and protection.
  • Can be used as a fire bowl with or without flat cooking surface 
  • Easy to maintain, scrape cooking residue and food particles into fire bowl and re-season
  • Easy to clean! After cooking surfaces cool, wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel and add food safe oil (grapeseed oil recommended)  

Our Goal

We strive to be known as the company that cares for our customers and shares in the passion and satisfaction that our customers gain from using our products. 

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