Sunterra Outdoor thanks you for the purchase of our cooking equipment. 
Sunterra Outdoor Products offers a limited lifetime warranty against the firebox burnout of any of their smoker pit, pizza oven, and grill products. This warranty does not apply if the smoker pit or fire box area has not been used and properly maintained in accordance with the instructions supplied with the product, as well as online, at the time of original purchase. Rust, firebox wood grates, cooking grates, and lack of pit maintenance are not covered by this limited warranty. As with most companies, the High Temp Paint is not warranted. Warranty coverage does not extend to products shipped outside of the continental United States.

Sunterra Outdoor Products reserves the right to repair or replace, at the sole option of the manufacturer, any Sunterra Outdoor Products presented to them which they deem to have been defective. Sunterra Outdoor Products also reserves the sole right to distinguish between burn-out, rust, misuse, or problems arising from neglect of reasonable and necessary care and maintenance. Owners presenting claims will be required to provide proof of purchase by way of the original purchase receipt and registration certificate. This warranty is not transferable. This Limited Warranty is valid only in connection with the original purchase of new products from Sunterra Outdoor and extends from the original purchase date of the original product purchased. An “original purchaser,” for the purposes of this Limited Warranty, is an individual or entity who purchases the product directly from Sunterra Outdoor with the intent to use the product for its intended purpose. Grills designed for personal consumer use must only be used for their intended purpose and not for commercial or industrial use and not with the intent to resell the product. Grills designed for commercial use may be used for their intended commercial purpose and shall be covered under this warranty.

Except as otherwise provided herein, Sunterra Outdoor will not charge purchaser to repair or replace purchaser’s product if it is deemed defective during the length of this Limited Workmanship Warranty, but any transportation costs associated with repairs or replacements are purchaser’s responsibility. In no event, however, will the transportation costs exceed Sunterra Outdoors’ standard freight charges.
Sunterra Outdoors Slide in style products are designed to work on a firm, solid-surface, that is structurally level and capable of supporting the weight of the product, including but not specific to the flanges on all three sides, and the heat that the product will emit to surrounding structures when in use. Sunterra Outdoor may require the purchaser to provide proof of the design of the foundation used in conjunction with the product if purchaser makes a claim under this Limited Warranty. We make no representations whatsoever as to the structural integrity, heat tolerances, or rated load for any foundation or structure not manufactured by or for our products. Sunterra Outdoor reserves the right to invalidate this Limited Warranty if the foundation is determined, in Sunterra Outdoor’s reasonable discretion, to be inadequate.

Purchasing Terms and Conditions, Cancellation of Orders
Sunterra Outdoor manufactures products to order as well as for inventory. All orders are paid in full at time of purchase. As such, orders may not be canceled once manufacturing begins. Manufacturing begins when Sunterra Outdoor or its associates' order materials and parts for an order or the order has been in place with our factory for 3 days. In any event, orders may never be canceled after the order has been placed into production which may including manufacturing delays of up to 3 to 4 weeks. Our products are handcrafted by skilled artisans and created for a lifetime of enjoyment provided proper use and care. We are also not responsible for delivery delays resulting freight carrier shipping, moreover, does not constitute a reason for the cancellation of an order. 

For approved returns, due to hardship or regional zoning issues, invoice value less a 25% restocking charge will be refunded upon receipt of the item(s). Customer pays all costs related to shipping and or receiving fees. 

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Sunterra Outdoor, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensee's and suppliers (collectively the “Service Providers”) from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any violation of these terms and conditions or any activity related to your account (including negligent or wrongful conduct).

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