Offset Dry Smokers

Offset Dry Smokers

A Dry smoker is a long well-established smoker concept when compared to an electric or vertical water smoker. They range in size, material specs, and functionality and typically feature (although not always) an offset firebox on one side, a cooking chamber on the other side, some racks and or a chimney. The heat source comes from split logs and/or charcoal, which burn in the firebox. The vent or chimney sucks heat and smoke from the firebox and through the Offset Dry chamber. It also allows heat to escape, so that you can keep up the necessary low temperature.

Starting costs for Dry Smokers average between $200 - $5,500, depending on the size and functionality. You can easily spend a few thousand dollars for a high quality, trailer-able Offset Smoker.

Dry Smokers are best by far the choice used by all the serious BBQ Pro’s. The dry smokers offer a more intense smoky flavor and generally have much larger cooking areas and offer the capacity to cook several types of meat all at the same time. The main disadvantage of this type of BBQ Smoker is the effort required to keep a good, steady fire for a long time. But with that said, many people who swear by these smokers very much enjoy the effort and resulting tasty savory meats.

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